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Gabriele Meneguzzi

Zygmunt Sieradzan

Vadim Kazanskiy

Peter Hess

Jordi Pascual

 facebook: mggalerija    

Coordinator:  +7(921)959-57-11

                            +7 (950) 039-62-53




Venue - hotel Ibis:

Hotel IBIS,  Vytauto av 28, Kaunas 44328, Lithuania






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Landart Area

Raudondvario dvaras

Land Art




Your team and master will be drawn: every master will have two teams of six people.

How it works?


Lietovus liaudies buities muziejus

More information is here: www.llbm.lt

Vadim Kazanskiy


Jordi Pascual

Peter Hess-Boson

Zygmunt  Sieradzan

Gabriele Meneguzzi


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Спасибо! В ближайшее время мы свяжемся с Вами!


International Landart Festival is not an ordinary class or a workshop, it is a way to meet other creative and inspired people and become a part of a big landart family. You will have not only a possibility to get a new knowledges and create a brand new art objects, but also to spend a great time outdoors, in the open air and to visit some picturesque places of Lithuania.

Your way to Kaunas, and back; dining 14-18 August; possible Schengen visa; shopping; and other personal needs.


All the materials

Transfer from the Ibis Hotel to a landart area and back for 5 days.


5. The 14th of August is a day of arrival. The same day in the evening we will hold an organizational meeting.



Ibis Hotel



The first day


Tourism (the program is below)

Traditionally we organize Landart Festival in Lithuania  every two years in August. Everytime we invite great masters and students from all over the world to make their landart-dreams a reality. Our Festival become more popular in the city, the country and in Europe. More and more people want to visit landart-area. We are inviting you! We want you to be our guest, a member of our big team and an artist!

Vadim is a participant and awardee of landart festivals in Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Lithuania. He is a teacher and one of the headmasters of a floral-desighn school “Siberian Orchid” in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Gabrielle is a master with a colossal landart experience. He is also a constant participant of landart festivals in Italy, Switzerland, Lithuania. Gabrielle organizes landart festivals in Italy. He is a floral-desighn teacher and an author of several books about landart.

Zygmunt has a fine and interesting view to a landart. He is a teacher and a headmaster of a floral-desighn school in Poland, Warsaw and a Europian Championship and World Floral Championship participant.

We call him a “Landart Grandpa”. Peter organizes landart festivals in Switzerland and all over the world. He was the first one who put landart into a festival format. Peter Hess is a founder and a master of “Atelier-5” School in Basle, Swiss.

This master is a constant participant of landart festivals in Italy, Switzerland, Lithuania. Jordi organizes landart festivals in Spain. He is a founder and master of “Smilax” - floral desighn school in Spain.

Ваш товар или 

  • 6.00-8.00 breakfast in Ibis Hotel;
  • 8.00 bus transfer to  Raudondvaris, a landart-area;

  • 9.00 introductory lecture (landart-area overlooking, lecture by Peter Hess);

  • 12.30  teams formation;

  • 13.00 lunch;

  • 14.00 workshop (practice);

  • 18.00 bus transfer back to Ibis Hotel, Kaunas;

  • 18.30 free time.


  • 6.00-9.00 breakfast in Ibis Hotel;

  • 12.00 checking-out from Ibis Hotel and leaving.

  • 14.00 arrival to Kaunas, check-in in Ibis Hotel;
  • 19.00 organization meeting in the hotels lobby;

  • 20.00 free time.


  • 6.00-8.30 breakfast in Ibis Hotel;

  • 8.30 bus transfer to  Raudondvaris, a landart-area;

  • 9.00 Lecture by Gabrielle Meneguzzi;

  • 10.00 workshop (practice);

  • 13.00 lunch;


  • 18.00 picnic;

  • 20.00 bus transfer back to Ibis Hotel, Kaunas;

  • 20.30 free time.


  • 6.00-8.30 breakfast in Ibis Hotel;
  • 8.30 bus transfer to  Raudondvaris, a landart-area;

  • 9.00 Lecture by Vadim Kazanskiy;

  • 10.00 workshop (practice);

  • 13.00 lunch;

  • 14.00 workshop (practice);

  • 18.00 bus transfer back to Ibis Hotel, Kaunas;

  • 18.30 free time.



It is a contemporary art trend, where people make art-objects based on their inner impressions of nature. The concept of these art-objects connected with natural landscapes of the specific area and have non-commercial nature. Nowadays, in the world of high-technologies, landart become more popular year after year.

Marijus Gvildys & Marat Anturi


Land art 2016



August, 14-21 2016 Raudondvaris Lithuania

*Attention! We have a limited number of tickets. We are sorry, but we could not accept more than 60 participants.


International Landart Festival in Lithuania is supported by Valerijus Makunas, the mayor of Kaunas District, the person, who shares our point of view and wants to bring landart to Lithuania to make everybody feel this unity with nature. That is why we can hold International Landart Festival regularly.


Landart 2016 will be hold in Raudondvaris country seat which has a beautiful park and medieval castle. Raudondvaris is situated in Kaunas District near Kaunas Old Town, that is why all the participants will stay in Ibis Hotel. You will also have a chance to visit an Old Town sights. Transfer will be organized everyday from the Ibis Hotel to the landart area and back in the evening. 

  We should notice that Lithuanian mass-media have a high interest in our festival, and we have large advertising company, supported by Valerijus Makunas.



6. The 21st of August is a day of leaving of all the participants.

A prepayment is a 50% of the price, the other 50% of the price you should pay cash by your arrival in Kaunas. After making a reservation, you will get a card details to make a prepayment.

We have a limited number of tickets. Prepayment is a guarantee of your participation. Prepayment will not be returned in case if you will not have a possibility to come or change your mind. Thank you for understanding!







2. 2. We will call you back or write you an email message as soon as possible and tell you all the important information in details. Also, you will have a chance to ask all the questions you are interested in.

1. Please, fill out an application form.

4. One week before the festival we will get in touch with you additionally.

3. After that you should prepay your booking. We would like to pay your attention that only prepaid booking will be considered as a real booking!

More information is here //www.raudondvariodvaras.lt/

Hotel ibis

More information is here: www.ibis.com

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More information is here: www.trakai-visit.lt

Landart Festival in Lithuania has educational and entertaining specifics. It combines a lectures and workshops with excursions and sightseeing in Lithuanian cities. During these 8 days you will have a great possibility to get a brand-new experience in landart and get acquainted with all the masters and other participants from all over the world.

Landart class is supported by Lithuanian Floristic Assosiation. All the participants will have a special diploma.


Meals: Breakfasts (7 days: 15-21 August), lunches (6 days: 15-20 August), Dining (19 and 20 August only).

Five days of a landart class.

Seven nights in Ibis Hotel (Bed and breakfast, twin rooms for two persons)


+7 921 959 57 11

  • 6.00-9.00 breakfast in Ibis Hotel;
  • 10.00 visiting farmer’s open-air market (on your request);

  • 11.00 bus transfer, excursion to Trakay;

  • 14.00 picnic;

  • 19.00 special evening with gala dinner;


*All the participants should read the following information attentively and adhere to schedule. If there are some changes, we will let you know.

Your team and master will be drawn by chance only one time. You will have no possibility to change your team or master. Sorry, but we are not accepting any applications about team-formation.

  • 6.00-8.30 breakfast in Ibis Hotel;
  • 8.30 bus transfer to  Raudondvaris, a landart-area;

  • 9.00 Lecture by Jordi Pascual;

  • 10.00 workshop (practice);

  • 13.00 lunch;

  • 14.00 workshop (practice);

  • 18.00 bus transfer back to Ibis Hotel, Kaunas;

  • 18.30 free time


  • 6.00-8.30 breakfast in Ibis Hotel;
  • 8.30 bus transfer to  Raudondvaris, a landart-area;

  • 9.00 Lecture by Zygmunt Sieradzan;

  • 10.00 workshop (practice);

  • 13.00 lunch;

  • 14.00 workshop (practice);

  • 17.00 bus transfer back to Ibis Hotel;

  • 17.30 free time;

  • 18.30 bus transfer to landart area;

  • 19.00 International Landart Festival Grand Opening;

  • 20.30 gala dinner;

  • 23.00 bus transfer back to Ibis Hotel, Kaunas

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Invintation by Gabriele Meneguzzi

600 euro / 8 days with accomodation


To order a call